Start My Campaign

STEP 1: Design Your Campaign

Start by telling us about the property you’d like us to market.  Decide how many postings per day you want and let us know where you’d like the calls and emails to go.  Direct to Tenant will take care of the rest.

STEP 2: Plug In Our Posting Terminal

After you’ve designed your campaign we’ll then ship a posting terminal to your property.  When it arrives all you have to do is plug it in and connect it to the internet, we’ll take it from there! 

STEP 3: Track Your Results

Now you can track your campaign with our Virtual Report, detailing how many ads have been posted along with how many calls your campaign has generated.  Now you can focus on following-up on all these new leads.

STEP 1: Tell us about your listing

On-board Your Property

First, let's start with the basics.  Use the form on the right to tell us a little more about your property.  Most often, we can get the information we need from your website so be sure to include your URL if you have one.

Do you want to add more than one property?  No problem, just add your fist property and include a message in the "Additional Information" box.  We'll be in touch to get the other properties added. 

Verify Your Account

After you submit the form we will send a verification email along with information on the next steps to get your property up and running.  Here you can review your content as well pick as your custom ad templates you would like us to use for your ads.   

Install Posting Terminal

Once your account is verified we will ship you one of our posting terminals.  You'll want to install this at the property so your ads are posted from your property's IP address, an important requirement for Craigslist. 

Track Your Results

That's it - now you can track your campaign and update your listings any time.