Rethinking Your CRE Marketing Strategy for 2017

Apartment marketing idea with (lightbulb)

One key to being a successful real estate broker is knowing what marketing tools are going to effectively generate interest in your property listings. Every broker know that placing a “For Lease” signs at the property, networking with other brokers, and email marketing are helpful tools. However, often this just doesn’t generate the traffic you need to lease your space.

That’s why having an effective online marketing strategy is key. However, this brings about important questions, such as:

• Where will you find the most traffic?
• What service will offer you a reasonable cost?
• How will you make your properties stand out?
• What service offers the most communication with tenants and buyers?
• How do you make your listing hit the top of the search?

Old tools aren’t effective for today’s marketplace

For example, industry standards such as Costar offer very limited visibility to the public. Relying on fellow brokers referrals is touch and go in a fast-paced industry and will not provide the most effective income opportunity. Those same brokers are looking at their bottom line first, not yours.

Loopnet, although a great service, has a mere 5 million visitors monthly. This is great, but certainly not enough to kick your sales to the top. You need more traffic, more views, and definitely a name tenants are going to recognize!

Email marketing, while useful, is stale and relies on past clients. Past clients may not need a new space and many people pass by marketing emails as if it is a default setting in their mind. You need to generate new and greater interest.

Innovation is the Key to business

Brokers must innovate in order to shine. A great place to start is with Craigslist, which has become a powerhouse for property listing. Craigslist sports 60 million visitors per month. That is 12 times the amount of visibility of Loopnet! Top listings do not last long on the market, meaning fast sales and rental potential.

Improved ranking adds up to eager tenants checking into your listings, which in turn will create a much more profitable amount of contact between yourself and tenants that want to have more information about your space. Above all, it adds up to more profit.

This is where D2T comes in. We offer a service that cannot be ignored. Our listings get top ranking which creates fast sales and rentals, resulting in happy brokers. While you could create each listing yourself, you have to consider your bottom line. Listing takes time and that is something you cannot afford to waste when you could spend it making deals.

By allowing us to do the work for you, you free up time to actually show those listings to prospective tenants and buyers. This is important, as our service has a history of doubling the calls our clients receive in comparison to when they do the listing on their own! We’ve already proven that Craigslist is an outstanding platform for sales and rentals and we’re willing to prove it to you as well.

We suggest you check into the 14-day free trial we are currently offering for our service. Every good broker should be willing to give you a chance to determine if their service is a good fit for you, and we are doing exactly that with our offer. Contact us today and we will show you how our skills can provide the high-quality listings you need and the tenant traffic you deserve!

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