Are You Neglecting the “Original” Social Media Tool?

graphic of email marketing for property owners

There is no debating the importance and impact of social media in the real estate marketing toolbox. The popularity of sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have caused you to spend time keeping up with the latest trends in real estate marketing. But are you neglecting the “original” social media channel and missing out on valuable leads? We are talking about good old email marketing.

If there’s one thing Americans adults do religiously, it’s check their email. 95% of internet users have and email address, and 50% say they read most of their emails. Whether opening a new tab on their browser or reloading Gmail on their phone, they’re always looking for new messages, and ready to hear what your business has to say. 74% of customers say they prefer to receive commercial communications through email – email is your consumers’ preferred marketing strategy. Email is the biggest driver of new leads of any marketing tactic, and has an enormous ROI.

Still need convincing? Here are five reasons why real estate marketing via email is a great way to connect with your customers and build trust.

Drives traffic to your website: Every email you send is an opportunity for potential customers to find your website or blog. 82% of consumers open emails from companies, and a third open emails based on the subject line alone. All it takes is one click – with links embedded into your messages, your readers can act immediately!

Data helps you get to know your subscribers: The success of email marketing campaigns can be measured through data about open-up and click-through rates. Where many social media marketers have given up trying to measure their return on investment, email has a solid set of metrics to track sales and revenue: Growth, Open Rate, Complaints, and Unsubscribes. Using these will allow you to adjust your future messages to better generate real customers.

Easy to target: Using the information in your database, email campaigns can be easily customized. Databases make it easy to adjust your messages by demographic, such as ZIP code, gender, income, and even interests. Through Segmentation, you can set up emails to portions of your contact list to be set at different times. Segmented email campaigns produce 50% more click throughs than undifferentiated messages. Segmentation also results in lower subscribe rates and better deliverabilty. It’s also possible to have some personalization in your emails: you can address your readers by their first name, which increases your click-through rate.

Cost-effective! Email has an extremely low cost per impression. Think of the high cost of glossy direct mail. Think of the cost of banner ads. Think of the cost of telemarketers. For return on investment, the low price of email can’t be beaten: for every $1 spent on email, the average return on email marketing investment is $44.25.

Builds Long-term Trust with Potential Customers: Email marketing means building up a list of subscribers who trust you. Your subscribers are people who want to hear from you, and are prepared to receive regular and high-quality, exciting content. Regular emails with good subject lines, good writing, and consistent branding build and reinforce an image of your company in your subscribers’ minds. Emails with personalized subject lines are 22.2% more likely to be opened. Email, which feels to recipients like a private medium, also allows you to engage with customers one-on-one, in a way that public social media cannot. Customers can write directly to you with their queries. That kind of personal connection will be effective at generating real, loyal business.

Great email marketing means a substantial improvement to your customer base. By linking to your website, using your data wisely, making a few targeting decisions, and using email as a way to engage personally with customers, you can foster a great improvement in your business. But many businesses are not putting these tools to use. Give us a call and let us help you kick-start your email marketing efforts so you don’t let good opportunities go to waste!

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