5 Ways to Grow Your Real Estate Marketing List

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One challenge most real estate marketers face is effectively keeping your email list updated and growing. The most recent data shows that most lists experience a 25% loss rate as your contacts unsubscribe, change email addresses, or abandon old email addresses. But continually growing your real estate marketing database takes time and effort.

Here are five creative ways you can keep your real estate marketing list growing and your leads coming in.

QR Codes: QR codes are a popular marketing tool—most people with smartphones have the ability to read QR codes, and if you are clever they can vastly expand your market. Offer an incentive like a free or discounted home inspection in exchange for signing up for your email list by scanning the code. People will often scan QR codes out of simple curiosity, so this can be a useful tool.

Use Trade Shows: Trade shows are going on all the time, somewhere. Find a local home and garden trade show and use it to drive leads by passing out business cards and offering people the opportunity to sign up for your mailing list to gain further promotions and information.

Create Sub-Groups: Offer special interest sub-groups which will target the specific area of interest for that person. You can offer email lists for first time buyers, for real estate investors, for home appraisal and inspections, etc. Of course, once you do this, you will also want to be sure your content measures up.

Promise and Deliver Dynamic Content: Don’t just send out regular, “Hi, we’re still here,” emails. Make sure that your content is dynamic and interesting to your contacts. Remember, you want people to open and read these emails and they are all current or potential clients. Including interesting articles with attractive graphics and design will ensure regular readership. Always make sure to include a link to a Web version of the articles in your email—not everyone uses rich text or HTML-based email and you want to give them the option to view your content in its full glory.

Leverage Social Networking: List special offers on your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites which require an email address to sign up. You’ll exponentially increase your database, though you will likely see a smaller return on the investment as many folks are only signing up for the special offer rather than out of interest in the company itself. Still, the sheer numbers can be well worth it.

A bit of ingenuity can help to keep your real estate marketing database up to date and fresh, and can ensure that the people you target for email marketing will read your communications, which after all is the main idea!

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