5 Things Every Craigslist Ad Should Include

Many commercial real estate professionals are aware of the benefits of marketing their vacant spaces on Craigslist (CL). But are you missing out on potential leads by not including the a few simple things in every ad you post?

Through testing and tracking tens of thousands of CL real estate ads, the experts at D2T have discovered how to quickly and effectively boost your results in just a few weeks.

1 – Take Strong Photos

Smartphones now have high quality cameras – making it easy to snap pictures of your space. Be sure to take outside photos on a sunny day to truly highlight the property. It may seem like common sense, but stay focused on the subject matter – the property. No one wants to see cars in a parking lot or the inside of the bathroom.


person typing on a laptop2 – Use Clear Posting Titles Without “Fluffy” Language

Speak to your prospects the way that you like to be spoken to. Flowery language or “cute” won’t help you. Focus on one or two key selling features. These could be the location, the layout of the space, the property amenities or even the price.


telephone reciever3 – Include A Call To Action

Most ads are lacking the single most important feature – a clear call to action. This is typically direct phrases such as “Call Now” or “Email Us” for more information, to tour the space, to ask about specials, etc.


Craigslist map with ads listed4 – Include The Map Feature

A large percentage of people looking for properties on CL use the map feature. If you aren’t taking the time to enter the address and pin the map on your ad, you are likely missing out on potential prospects.


5 – Stay Short And Concise

Use the “KISS” method… keep it short and simple, and remain on point. You also want to leave a little bit of mystery to motivate prospects to call or email. Use bullet point lists rather than long sentences with a list of features. And always close with a call to action.


If you’d like to learn how D2T can improve your classified marketing, give us a call today.

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