5 LinkedIn Updates Every Real Estate Professional Should Be Making

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In some ways LinkedIn is the forgotten child of social media. It is focused on professional connections and development and due to this focus doesn’t see the vast user base of Facebook or Twitter. However, it is an important tool for real estate marketing, specifically because of this professional focus. Make sure, as a real estate professional, that you are tapping specific and important needs when you post to LinkedIn and it can improve and increase your contact base.

LinkedIn is used most on Tuesday and Thursday during the periods just before and after work. Posting specific targeted posts during these times can be a boon to your real estate business. Here are some updates you should be making regularly and often.

Market Trends: Provide your clients and potential clients information about the current industry trends—where are interest rates right now? Where are the most and least homes being sold? How is the condo market doing as opposed to the apartment and home buying markets? All of this is information that is important to your clients.

Relocation Resources: Not all of your clients are going to be local. What about resources for those looking to move from another city or from out of state? Providing info on the kinds of help is available for those looking to relocate to your area can paint you as a business that appreciates your clients and can draw a lot of positive attention.

Positive Reviews: Positive reviews are always a plus. When researching a business or service online, most people immediately do searches for reviews—providing listings of these on your social network can drive traffic from search engines as well as help to paint you in a positive light for those looking for a new agent, contact, or service.

Interesting Articles (Trending Topics): Don’t ever underestimate the power of trending topics. Do your research and learn what people are talking about at any given time, then post links with a blurb about the topic on your LinkedIn account. For more exposure, share the links through Twitter and ask for re-tweets—LinkedIn can sync directly with your Twitter account.

Real Estate Listings: This may seem like a no-brainer, but it bears mentioning. You are in the real estate business—most of your clients are going to be interested in local listings. Make regular posts updating the most current listings in your area. Your clients and potential leads will appreciate this as it saves them a lot of time and effort searching these themselves.

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